BROWNSVILLE - The brother of one of the five teens accused in a Brownsville gang rape last week is accusing the victim's father of lying about the crime and committing incest with the victim.

The brother, who gave his name only as Billy and asked for his face to remain off camera, says his 15-year-old brother, Ethan Phillips, turned himself in to clear his own name.

"He voluntarily went for a DNA test, and anybody who did do something would not just volunteer to take a DNA test," Billy says.

Billy says that his brother and the four other teens encountered an 18-year-old woman and her father in the park and believed that they were intoxicated.

"My little brother said he knew he was drunk, because I think the dude had a bottle in his hand," Billy says. 

Ethan told his brother that the father and daughter walked toward the handball court in Osborn Playground, and the group of teens went to the basketball court. 

Eventually, the group heard noises coming from the handball court, Billy says. 

"They claimed that...the dude and the girl [were] having intercourse," Billy says.

Billy says his brother told him that one of the teens then asked the father if he could join in.

Billy says the father got up and told his daughter it was time to go, but the girl did not get up to follow him.

"So the dude actually just left the park," Billy says. "Nobody pulled out no gun. There was no gun involved."

Billy insists that none of the teens were involved in the alleged gang rape.