BAY RIDGE - An attempted robbery in Bay Ridge was foiled when two brothers who own a meat market were able to ward off the alleged criminals.

Sammy Othman and his brother were working in their family deli this past week when they say three men entered the store at about 6 p.m. asking to use the restroom.

After a few minutes, the brothers say they knew something was wrong and Othman found that the men were no longer in the restroom. "I already knew we were getting robbed,? he says. ?If they're not over here, where are they?"

Othman then took matters into his own hands ? literally. ?I grabbed two knives and I ran upstairs," he says.

The three men, who were found in an upstairs office, were stealing $2,000 worth of cigarettes, Othman says.

When Othman and his brother confronted the suspects, they ran downstairs toward the front of the store, he says. A fight then ensued. "We were struggling in the front,? Othman says. ?It was two against three."

Two of the suspects then attempted to run down the block, but Othman caught up with them and waited for police to arrive. The third suspect was later caught.

"This is a meat place that has a lot of knives," Othman says, explaining why would-be robbers should be hesitant about entering his store.

The three men were arrested, and at least one of them has been charged with attempted robbery.