BROWNSVILLE - A group of kids in Brownsville is looking to groove its way toward a title in a national dance competition.

The inner city kids, who have been winning local dance-offs for some time, are eager to take their show beyond Brooklyn.

"It feels great. We're competing against people, we shouldn't be scared," says dancer Joseph Hairston. "We're from Brooklyn, we're not scared of nothing."

One stumbling block is funding for the trip to Florida. The price tag to take each dancer to the competition is $1,000, which is out of reach for nearly everyone in the group, especially those kids who come from foster homes.

Although a nonprofit group had been offering the kids free dance and theater lessons, the cost for the trip is excessive. The kids, however, remain hopeful that the funding will surface - and not just for the competition.

While the Just for Kix Outback Bowl and National Dance Show will be taking place in Tampa, Fla., Hairston is also excited by what lies nearby.

"Now I finally got the opportunity to say, 'Ma, I want to go to Disneyworld,' " Hairston says about the theme park just down the road in Orlando.