BROOKLYN - A Brownsville mother is facing eviction from her apartment Monday because of her late son's dog. 

Monique James is being taken to court by her landlord, who claims that dogs and cats aren't allowed in the apartment. She says she purchased her dog King to help her 8-year-old son while he battled a brain tumor. Her son passed away in March. 

James says that during legal negotiations, the management company, Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp., told her she could keep the pet until her son passed. She says she couldn't accept that offer.

"He's never been trained but he's very compassionate and friendly. When I cry, he comes to my aid and I cry often for my son," she says. 

James says the pet now serves as a companion animal in her time of grief and that other tenants in the building have dogs. She filed a lawsuit Friday and is heading to court on Tuesday.

An attorney for the management company told News 12 that he cannot comment until he reviews the suit with his client.