BROWNSVILLE - Tenants of Van Dyke Houses are outraged after a rape in one of the buildings went unnoticed by police officers.

The victim was raped in a 14th floor stairwell inside 375 Blake Ave. at around 1:30 a.m. Friday. There are 220 security cameras inside the buildings that feed into 30 monitors ? monitors police were supposed to be watching. Officers are supposed to adjust the cameras to get a steady stream of video of any criminal activity that occurs, but the officers on duty say they saw no suspicious activity at the time.

Two officers who were supposed to be making rounds in the area at the time reported that they had done their job, when actually, they hadn?t. Both officers had their badges and guns taken away.

Now, Brooklyn residents and Sen. Eric Adams are taking action to ask the city officials to reconstruct the security system used for monitoring the Van Dyke Houses. Community leaders say the police department needs to provide better training for officers in charge of surveillance.

However, some locals say they fear for their safety. They say they?re concerned that some officers are lazy.

Police are still looking for the suspect in the rape.