BUSHWICK - Doctors have declared a Bushwick elementary school student brain dead after she reportedly choked on a sandwich.

Officials say emergency workers rushed 7-year-old Noelia Echavarria to the hospital Wednesday after the incident at P.S. 250.

The Echavarria family is accusing the school of failing to help their child.

The city's Department of Education says that based on information it has received, the P.S. 250 faculty responded swiftly and properly to the emergency. Noelia remains on life support.

An uncle was the first to arrive at the school after officials called the family. He says that when he arrived, his niece was still there, laying on the floor and covered in blood.

Qwasie Reid, an EMT with a private ambulance service, says he attempted to resuscitate the girl after school employees flagged down his ambulance in the street.

Reid was suspended from his job because he already had a patient in his ambulance when he stopped.

The Echavarrias and other school parents are demanding someone in the school be held accountable.