BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn man and his young nephew were killed in a Bushwick fire Sunday.

Investigators say firefighters worked into the early morning hours to extinguish the flames at 12-14 Hancock St. The fire claimed the life of a 33-year-old man and his 12-year-old nephew.

Fire officials say the blaze began on the second floor of the three-family home and quickly spread through the building and an adjacent house at 12-16 Hancock. Eddie Chacon says he heard the commotion and ran outside to help but found the heat too overwhelming.

The victim and his nephew were found on the third floor and were taken to Wyckoff Hospital, where they later died. No one was injured in the adjacent house, which is vacant and has been for sale for some time. Neighbors say the man and his nephew had first moved into the house a few months ago. The boy's mother is currently out of the country.