BROOKLYN - A Bushwick day care center is in jeopardy of closing its doors at the end of the week.

The Horace E. Greene Early Childhood Development Center received a high score of 90.6 on a request for proposals for services earlier this year. Despite its score and 43 years in the community, preference was given to dually funded programs, according to a spokesperson for Councilmember Diana Reyna. The Bushwick Improvement Society, the organization which runs Horace E. Greene, is only funded by the city's early learning program.

Bushwick United, the company set to take over the day care center, also receives funding from the federal Head Start program. Board members at the Bushwick Improvement Society say they would have applied for the Head Start funding had they known it would have saved the day care center.

About 30 teachers may lose their jobs if the center closes. Parents of the 115 children who attend the day care center say they will not bring their children back if that happens.