BROOKLYN - A Bushwick mom says she is getting sicker while living in her New York City Housing Authority apartment. 

Jesennia Rodriguez, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2006, says the problems in her fourth-floor NYCHA apartment are affecting her health. She says she's had to patch up a gaping hole her grandson almost fell in, while also living with water damage and electrical problems.

"You're not supposed to be around mold and all this other stuff and fine particulates basically," she says. 

Rodriguez says her doctor told her the cancer diagnosis may be related to her work as an environmental technician at Ground Zero after 9/11. Now, she says her health can't tolerate her living conditions.

NYCHA tells News 12 that staff members are making repairs to floor tiles and the kitchen outlet, in addition to inspecting additional leaks caused by an aging pipe in the bathroom.