BROOKLYN - The frigid cold gripping the borough has many people staying inside, but some New York City Housing Authority tenants in Bushwick claim the agency is not doing enough to heat their homes.

A resident of the NYCHA development on Knickerbocker Avenue for more than two decades, Luz Gago says she's been without adequate heat for the past five years.

Sharon Armstrong, another tenant, says she sleeps under multiple layers of blankets to stay warm. She says she also keeps a space heater running all day, which drives up her electric bill.

According to city guidelines, landlords must maintain a minimum temperature of 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees overnight. But the residents say that NYCHA is falling short of the baseline standards.

NYCHA issued a statement in which it says, "NYCHA staff was dispatched to review temperature readings at this location today, and will visit any units not currently receiving heat."