NEW YORK - A Bensonhurst business owner wants the MTA to reduce noise on the subway system.

Bensonhurst auto shop owner Louis Gelman is demanding that the MTA do something about the sounds and vibrations coming from the subway lines. Gelman says the pillars that hold up the D train over Hilna Tires and Auto Repair cost him $30,000. He says they caused the sidewalk to crack and the city made him fork over the money to replace it.

Gelman's shop sits at the corner of Stillwell Avenue and 86th Street and also sits underneath the D train. Gelman says the train makes noise every time it passes and causes the pillars to vibrate, which caused the sidewalk to crack.

Gelman says it was the first time he had to replace the sidewalk in more than 30 years, but Gelman is already noticing new cracks around the pillars.

Assemblyman William Colton says the MTA is required by law to address excessive noise and vibration problems, but so far it has not complied.

Colton is sponsoring legislation to force the MTA to address the problems. The Transit Noise Abatement Bill would require the MTA to give lawmakers updates on how it is addressing noise complaints. It passed both houses in Albany, but has not been signed by the governor.

News 12 reached out to the MTA about the issue of addressing excessive noise and vibrations coming from the train. It would not comment due to pending legislation.