BROOKLYN - Some businesses in Sheepshead Bay are unhappy after a change to a bus route.

The MTA says it moved the B36 bus stop from East Sheepshead Bay Road and 15th Street to Avenue Z and 15th Street to improve safety.

The new bus route eliminates the number of dangerous turns the buses used to make. In December, a woman was struck and killed by a B36 bus as it was turning onto East 17th Street.

Some businesses say the new route is keeping away customers.

"There's nobody walking by," says pizzeria owner Sam Mash. "Traffic is slow, there's no business."

Others say the new route will improve safety for pedestrians.

"The street is small. When the bus is turning, it's not enough space for the bus to turn and sometimes they hit other cars," says resident Nora Megaley. "In my opinion, it's a good idea."