BROOKLYN - Parishioners of an East Flatbush church ravaged by a fire took to the streets today to show the community that they will not give up on their place of worship.

Members of Byways and Hedges Church on Utica Avenue say they are praying for the strength to carry on after the fire tore through the building's second floor. Rev. Terry Lee says everything on the floor was destroyed, including his offices, a radio station and a number of awards the church has received. 

Although not confirmed by the FDNY, Lee says he believes the fire was intentionally set.

Sunday services were held under a tent on the street to show residents that a fire will not deter the church.

Byways and Hedges Church has been serving the community since 1989, and says it will continue the street ministries such as prison visits and handing out food. One service they say is affected is their ability to help give people immigration information, since the offices burned down.