BROOKLYN - A Canarsie family says they were scammed out of $1,500 after not hearing back from a contractor.  

Marie Elie says her family paid $1,500 out of $4,000 to Lima Home Improvement in July for renovations in their home. She says the work was supposed to take two weeks, but it has been almost a month.

"It's disrespectful," Elie says. "It's like we are being conned."

Elie says they signed a contract with the company and paid a $1,500 down payment to replace floors, wallpaper, a new exhaust system and bathtub. She says there is now unfinished work sitting in her home. 

"There's no communication at this point," Elie says. "We can't get in touch with him."

Lima Home Improvement had a complaint against them in 2015. An unhappy costumer told the Better Business Bureau that the company ran off with their money and didn’t finish the work in their home. 

News 12 reached out to Lima Home Improvement and was told Mr. Lima is out of the country.