BROOKLYN - Some local community leaders are hoping to make a difference in the Canarsie area that they say has been plagued with crime and violence.

Neighbors say Halloween was a frightening day for them. A young man was shot and killed in front of the Breukelen Houses.

Police say around 6 a.m., 27-year-old Jarrel Worrel was gunned down and killed. Community members say it was a wakeup call for many people in the area.

The incident was why neighbors joined together to hold a vigil and rally Thursday to send a message.

The group says the shooting are becoming far too common in the Canarsie area, and they want it to stop. They are calling on elected officials to do community outreach. They also want programs to be set up for the youth to have something positive to turn to instead of gun violence.

Neighbors say the rally is a step in the right direction.