BROWNSVILLE - Fellow motorcycle riders came out to a candlelight vigil in Brownsville Tuesday night to remember Kenny Duncan, a corrections officer and motorcycle enthusiast who was shot and killed.

Police say Duncan was fatally shot in the face outside of his home Tuesday while he was working on motorcycles with a friend. Police believe he might have been killed in an attempted robbery of the bikes.

Authorities say Duncan fired at the attackers with an off-duty weapon, but it's unclear whether they were hit.

Those who attended the vigil say they're afraid of more violent attempts to steal motorcycles throughout the area.

Duncan became a city corrections officer in 1990 and worked in the Manhattan central booking facility for the last decade. Corrections Department spokesman Stephen Morello calls Duncan "anexcellent officer and a stand-up guy."

Duncan is the father of two teenagers, who live in Florida.

Friends, colleagues and fellow riders plan to hold a fundraiser to benefit Duncan's children.

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