BUSHWICK - A young boy was hit and killed by two cars as he tried to cross Bleeker Street on Sunday.

The victim, Christian Acteopabn, was supposed to start first grade on Tuesday.

?You couldn?t even see the kid coming down the street. It happened so fast,? Jennifer Almodorar, a Bleeker Street resident, said.

Neighbors call Bleeker Street dangerous, and they say speed is part of the problem. According to residents, cars are constantly speeding down the street.

While the cause of Acteopabn?s death has not been determined, the two intersections surrounding the area where he was hit are known to be dangerous. From 1995-2001, two people were hit by cars at Bleeker and Central. In the same time span, seven pedestrians were hit at Bleeker and Wilson Avenue.

Right at the Bleeker and Wilson intersection, there is a school. Neighbors say because of that, a lot of kids are in the area. The speed zone for the school ends as soon as cars reach Bleeker Avenue.

?There?s no speed limit. There?s nothing ? nothing. They speed through here, it?s loud music, there?s kids that play all around here, there?s a school,? Almodorar said.

Residents say that the intersections need something to prevent all the accidents, and they think speed bumps would be a good start. They think the addition of bumps will slow down speeding cars and possibly decrease future fatal accidents.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation says anytime there is a fatal accident, the area is surveyed. The DOT suggests neighbors contact their local community board about the addition of speed bumps.