BOROUGH PARK - A Borough Park man whose sister is believed to have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning blames his landlord for her death.

"There's no expression for it," says Jimmy Marquez. "This is just saddening." Marquez says his sister, Nilda Singh, had complained of a strange smell and dizziness inside the apartment just days before her death. Marquez says he also felt strange in the apartment.

Marquez says he found his sister lifeless on the floor early Saturday morning when he returned home from work. "I tried to revive her," he says.

He called 911 and firefighters informed him that the carbon monoxide levels were dangerously high in the building, which was evacuated. Officials say an exhaust pipe had fallen off, leaking fumes.

Marquez plans to leave his home now, saying that he doesn't feel safe.

According to neighbor Magdalena Nieradka, the landlord has a pattern of negligence. There are few working carbon monoxide detectors in the building and the boiler breaks down often without being fixed, she says.

News 12 is awaiting comment from Positive Heating, the company that was hired to repair the boiler, and from the Department of Buildings, which is investigating Singh's death.