BUSHWICK - Several cars are being burglarized on one Bushwick street, according to neighbors.

Yolanda White says somebody broke into her car on Eldert Street near the corner of Knickerbocker Avenue on Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

"I'm disabled, I use this to get to the doctors," she says.

She adds that hidden under a blanket inside her car were gifts she planned to give to family members this week. "I looked inside the car and I could easily see everything was just gone,” White says.

But White is not alone. When News 12 went to interview White today, another car was discovered broken into with its window completely shattered.

"I yelled ‘yo man, what are you doing?’" Pablo Matias told News 12, referring to the suspect he saw breaking into a car earlier this morning.

He happened to be looking out of the window around 4 p.m. Wednesday when he spotted someone breaking into another car, he says.

"I see these dudes come out and break somebody’s car and get inside like it was their car," he says.

The shattered glass remains on the sidewalk Wednesday morning as a reminder that anyone's car could become the next target.

Inside White's car, blood has stained her seats left behind from the person who broke the glass to get inside. 

Her and her neighbors are hoping the thief will be caught, she says.

Her message to them is simple.

"We're gonna find you, we're gonna catch you and when we do, you're gonna go to jail and believe me, I will prosecute."