BROOKLYN - A building explosion in Borough Park that killed at least two and injured more than a dozen may have been caused by a gas leak.

Experts say there are measures homeowners can take to minimize the risk of leaking gas.

Certified home inspector Mike O'Malley says that no one should ever ignore a leak.

Gas can build up in a closed space and create a dangerous situation, he says. Once a room is filled with gas it becomes very explosive -- even the flick of a light switch could spark a blast.

O'Malley says that anyone who smells gas should open the windows and exit the building, then call 911.

He also says that when moving stoves people hire a licensed plumber to detach any gas lines.

He also has a way to make sure that connected pipes aren't leaking.

"Take a spray bottle with water and some liquid detergent -- that makes a soapy solution," O'Malley says. "Spray it on all the fittings. If you see a bubble will be a big bubble if there's a leak."