BROOKLYN - "Brooklyn Made" seals will soon be found on many local products in the borough.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is unveiling a new certification program in which Brooklyn-based businesses will get to use the seal on their products.

In order to be able to use the seals, the business must be headquartered in the borough. Their goods will receive bronze, silver or gold seals based on their level of "Brooklyn-ness." Then, a point-based system will evaluate other factors like number of Brooklyn employees, assembly location and where design and development takes place.

There is a $50 one-time fee for non-member businesses and a $25 fee for member businesses.

The chamber hopes that the seal will help promote locally manufactured goods. They also say the seal will let producers showcase the "Brooklyn brand."

The chamber will be launching the application process on Friday at Brooklyn Eats. All fees will be waived if you apply at the event.