BROOKLYN - A dangerous street for pedestrians in Prospect Heights is now a little safer.

The intersection of Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street was often crowded with cars, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. The community affairs officer at the nearby 78th Precinct says officers and other drivers would often park in positions that blocked the sidewalk.

Now, however, the NYPD has placed cones in the area to prevent cars from blocking the sidewalks, allowing pedestrians to use the sidewalks and crosswalk freely.

The 78th Precinct was Mayor Bill de Blasio's precinct before he took office, but after he was elected, the NYPD made some changes. Now, after talking with the community, the precinct is going back to parallel parking and is adding cones and metal barricades.

The community affairs officer and local residents say it will take more time to control all the parking issues. They say it's difficult with all the big development in the area, including several high-rises and the Barclays Center.