BROOKLYN - The city has plans in the works to expand its ferry service to the Red Hook waterfront, but some residents are worried about the impact of additional service.

Red Hook sees traffic from water taxis and other vessels, but residents say that a city ferry is just what the neighborhood needs. The city is considering the creation of docks at the Van Brunt Street or Valentino piers. Some residents, however, say that while the service is sought after, they are concerned about the lack of parking and access to public transportation at those locations.

As an alternative, residents suggest the nearby Atlantic Basin for the ferry dock, where there is more parking available on Conover Street.

The city's Economic Development Corporation says the Conover Street location does not work because cruise ships also dock there. An EDC spokesperson says that the organization will continue to discuss which locations will work best.

The Red Hook post is one of five ferry stops the city will be adding to the Brooklyn waterfront. Services at the additional stops is expected to begin in 2017.