PARK SLOPE - A bill introduced in the New York City Council by a Brooklyn councilman will require delivery and messenger bicycles to have license plates and proof of insurance.

Supporters of the bill say it will make the streets safer by forcing cyclists to be more cautious.

According to Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who introduced the bill, the law would require business owners to pay a small fee for a license plate that would prove the bicycle is insured. It would also allow the bicycles to be tracked.

"Unfortunately, many of them are breaking the rules and there's really no accountability," says Greenfield.

Many Brooklyn residents agree that the bill is a good idea since they say it would make life safer for everyone, including the cyclists themselves. However, one employee of a Brooklyn grocery store added it isn't fair because it's another cost for business owners.

Councilman Greenfield says it could take up to nine months for the bill to pass. If it does, business owners will have 30 days to have their delivery bicycles license and insured.