BROOKLYN - Walmart might be coming to town and not everyone's happy about it.

The City Council met for hours today to address the superstore's intentions of opening a branch in Brooklyn. Business owners and community leaders were also in attendance to discuss the potential impact on local shops.

Wal-mart officials were not at the hearing. Company representatives declined an invitation, telling the council in an open letter that the hearing unfairly targeted Walmart and not other city superstores such as Target and Kmart.

Local business owners in East New York, which the retail giant is reportedly scoping, rallied for a Walmart-free New York City outside the hearing. Many say the megastore will shut out their businesses and reduce retail employment.

Wal-mart says New York City residents asked for a store. Officials say last year alone, $165 million was spent by city residents at Walmart stores outside of the boroughs.

Wal-Mart: Most BK residents want store in NYC