BROOKLYN - A new gourmet restaurant and market set to open in Sheepshead Bay may not have a future.

The city hit Cherry Hill Gourmet restaurant and market with a stop work order one week before its opening, claiming the new establishment does not comply with zoning.

The 1901 Emmons Ave. location lies in a special zoning district and was originally allowed to open as a restaurant.

"Unfortunately there seems to be a misunderstanding of what we're doing here," says project manager Anthony Kelley. "They are concerned that we are opening a grocery store. We are not opening a grocery store."

Owners say they were issued the same orders last year but got all the approvals. On Wednesday, they say those approvals were taken away. Many local residents agree with the zoning laws; however, they don't feel Cherry Hill violates them.

Those running the establishment say they will try working things out with the buildings department. If they can't, they say they'll apply for a variance from the Board of Standards and Appeals.