BROOKLYN - The city's rat complaint hotline is on pace to receive more calls than ever before, according to 311 officials.

Comptroller Scott Stringer is calling for the Health Department to do more to stomp out the rat problem.

There have already been more than 24,000 complaints filed in each of the last two years.

The city is fighting back by investing in new technology to help fight the problem.

A new website is listing buildings that are scheduled for inspections and gives residents tips toward keeping areas rat-free.

Residents can also report rat sightings with the 311 smartphone app.

In addition, the city has announced it will increase inspections of parks and subways where rats are often spotted.

The Department of Health, however, is disputing the comptroller's claims. Health officials tell News 12 that there's actually been an 80 to 90 percent drop in rat sightings.