NEW YORK - (AP) New York City saw a double-digit increase inmurders during 2010, though overall crime was down 2 percent fromlast year. That's according to preliminary figures from the NewYork City Police Department.

As of Dec. 31, there were 532 murders, up from 471 in 2009. Thecity has seen record lows in crime in the past decade, and lastyear's murder rate was one of the lowest ever.

Criminologists have said such increases should not cause worryand that the city is not returning to the days when there were morethan 2,000 people slain per year.

NYPD figures released Monday show that rapes are up 14 percentand robbery is also up 4 percent from 2009. Among those killed in2010 included 10 arson victims; the year before there was only one.