KENSINGTON - Co-workers and neighbors of Levi Aron, the suspect in the killing of an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy, are in shock over his alleged involvement in the murder.

Levi Aron, 35, was taken into custody early this morning by detectives searching for Leiby Kletzy. Police say Aron has been living alone in an apartment building occupied by his parents and other relatives in Kensington.

Investigators say some of the boy's remains were found inside Aron's refrigerator, while other remains were found in a Dumpster a few miles away in Sunset Park.

Michael Panzer, the owner of the hardware store where Aron worked, says the suspect mostly stayed to himself and was very quiet.

One woman, who refused to be named, says she saw Aron act angrily toward others in the store.

Sources say Aron had lived in Memphis, Tenn., before moving to New York and had an order of protection against him dating from 2006.

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