BROOKLYN - According to a new study from Hunter College, many drivers are not stopping at a red light in Bushwick, and are instead just running right through it.

Two students of the Manhattan institution spent a couple hours observing the traffic at Evergreen and Gates avenues. They went out on two separate days and recorded how many cars stopped at the red light on Evergreen Avenue, how many ran the light and how many quickly stopped at first, but then ran the light.

Hunter students were randomly assigned 50 intersections throughout the city, and the one in Bushwick had the highest number of cars go through red lights, with a total of 28 vehicles out of the 96 observed.

As a whole, Brooklyn had the most red light violations compared with the rest of the city, except for Staten Island, which was not included in the study.

Hunter researchers say they hope the study will influence New Yorkers to drive more carefully.