BROOKLYN - The New York City Council Committee on Parks and Recreation is considering a bill that would extend the swimming season.

Currently, the last day to enjoy swimming at borough pools and beaches is Labor Day, which falls on Sept. 7 this year.

Some members of City Council are proposing bill No. 629 to keep the facilities running on weekdays until school starts. The pools and beaches would remain open on weekends through the end of September.

The committee says that since last September brought some of the year's hottest temperatures, it would make sense to keep facilities open longer. Other reasons cited for considering the proposal include pools and beaches being more affordable options for many New Yorkers, in addition to them being a safe place to cool off during the day.

According to the committee members, one complication would be the availability of lifeguards. They say that about 1,500 are hired for the season, with about 650 for beaches and about 850 for pools. A large portion of the lifeguards are often students whose availability might be limited after Labor Day.

The committee is yet to vote on whether to move the proposal to the full City Council.