BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn community advocate who sounded the alarm over a week ago about Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign fundraising tactics says he should be indicted.

Tony Herbert says he was not shocked to see the mayor's campaign fundraising efforts investigated by the FBI.

"You can't come out and campaign on integrity and then denounce everybody else how bad they're doing for the city," Herbert says. "You talk about the tale of two cities and yet you're living in one that's committing corruption."

The investigation centering around two Brooklyn businessmen has already prompted the police commissioner to reassign four high-ranking officers to desk duty. They reportedly are accused of taking money from the men in exchange for favors.

Mayor de Blasio denied Monday having an inappropriate relationship with the two men, who donated to his election campaign, as well as the now defunct campaign for One New York, which supported de Blasio's agenda.

"We've comported ourselves with the highest standard, everything done in my administration has been open and transparent," he said. "Any of the organizations supporting me have been open and transparent. There's just nothing else to say."

No criminal charges have been filed against anyone so far in the case.