BROOKLYN - The Shore Road Promenade is considered to be the diamond of Bay Ridge by many, but some community boards are sounding the alarm that the picturesque area is vulnerable to severe water damage.

The Army Corp of Engineers, local community boards, city agencies and elected officials took a tour of the promenade to see some of the existing water damage, including cracks in the pavement.

"This area remains a concern for us at Community Board 10, that the coastal impact and the storms that have affected this area of Bay Ridge along the shore is beginning to affect the infrastructure again," said Josephine Beckmann of Community Board 10.

They are also raising red flags about the constant flooding near the Verrazano Bridge that could also deteriorate the Belt Parkway.

"Look at the possibility of raising the promenade and basically having a wall that would be able to keep floodwaters out or a steel sheet pile structure in front of the promenade," said Anthony Ciorra of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. "Those are the types of alternatives that would be looked at."

The goal is to eventually get a study of the area done and fix what problems exist through government funding.