BAY RIDGE - A Brooklyn community is calling on the Department of Transportation to improve safety conditions along Shore Road Drive, which has become notorious for fatal and serious accidents over the past few years.

Residents in the area call a tree along the S-shaped road the ?Death Tree? - a spot where grieving families leave bouquets of flowers after lives are lost in a crash.

Over the past few years, there have been a handful of deadly crashes and dozens of accidents, including two that occurred Friday morning. First, the driver of a BMW lost control on the wet, leaf-coated road. An hour later, a white sedan spun put of control on the same stretch of road.

Both motorists say they were going under the 30 mph speed limit. However, they say they couldn?t brake in time due to the slippery road conditions.

Members of the local community board say they write letters to the Department of Transportation every time another serious or fatal accident takes place, but that does not seem to help. They want the DOT to install a traffic light to slow cars down.

The community board is expected to meet Monday night to discuss the dangers of Shore Road Drive.