WILLIAMSBURG - Members of the Hasidic Jewish community gathered in Williamsburg for the funeral of a beloved leader on Wednesday.

Mourners, some wiping away tears, gathered at Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar on Hooper Street for the funeral of Satmar President Yitzchok Rosenberg, who was a well-known real estate developer. He leaves behind a wife and eight children.

The bodies of Rosenberg and Chaim Parnes, a rabbi and diamond dealer from Kiryas Joel in Orange County, arrived in New York Wednesday morning. The men drowned when they were caught in a riptide while swimming in Miami Tuesday, police there said. The quick funerals are customary in Judaism.

One mourner called the loss of both men, who were in their 60s, at the same time an especially tragic incident. 

Mourners remembered Rosenberg as a charitable and warm-hearted man. Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who said Rosenberg was a good friend, released a statement Tuesday expressing his sorrow over the deaths. He called Rosenberg a "real mensch whom everyone looked up to."

Parnes' funeral was held in Kiryas Joel, and both men will be buried in Orange County.