NEW YORK - (AP) - Power was reduced slightly for thousands of residents in several Brooklyn neighborhoods Friday after the utility experienced equipment problems on a hot summer day.

Consolidated Edison urged the 81,000 business and residentialcustomers in the four neighborhoods to conserve energy, saying"customer cooperation will help ensure uninterrupted electricservice."

No outages were reported in the neighborhoods of Crown Heights,Flatbush, East Flatbush and Ocean Hill-Brownsville, but the utilityreduced voltage by 5 percent in those areas, spokesman MichaelClendenin said. Clendenin said some appliances might not run aseffectively, and said customers rarely notice a voltage drop thatsmall.

Three electrical feeders were out of service, and crews wereworking to restore them; the failures were likely heat-related,Clendenin said. Temperatures Friday reached a high of 90 degrees.

The utility asked customers not to use air conditioners, washersand dryers and to turn off lights and televisions when not neededuntil the equipment is repaired.