BROOKLYN - It's been a year since Superstorm Sandy, and the Coney Island community has not yet finished rebuilding.

Many residents are still waiting for their lives to return to normal after the storm destroyed nearly everything. Charlene Davis, a disabled asthmatic, says she hasn't even been able to return to her home.

Other tenants living in the Gravesend Houses vividly remember the struggles they faced. They lined up for hours just to get food from volunteers, and were forced to live without heat or hot water.

Sandy also wreaked havoc at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, with nearly every ride destroyed. Owner Dennis Vourderis says he spent more than $500,000 to get the rides back up and running because he didn't have insurance.

Despite the hardships, Coney Island has come a long way. Crews worked for six months straight just to rebuild the Steeplechase Pier, which many say has become a symbol of their resilience.