BROOKLYN - The iconic Coney Island Parachute Jump will soon be illuminated in gold lighting to raise awareness for pediatric cancer.

The announcement comes as part of an international effort to light up the landmarks. The movement is working to highlight the need for greater funding and research of pediatric cancer.

The Empire State Building rejected a request to have the building lit gold as part of the effort.

Officials from the Empire State Building released a statement saying they rejected the request because it was from an individual and not a group. But, they say they have worked with other groups that support cancer research.

After hearing the rejection from the Empire State Building, Councilmember Mark Treyger (D-Coney Island) approached the owner of the Parachute Jump, who agreed to light it gold.

A special ceremony will take place as the Parachute Jump is lit on Sept. 5. The landmark will glow gold for one week.

Organizers say Times Square will also light up gold in September.