CONEY ISLAND - Coney Island residents are in an uproar over a demolished community garden.

Residents say it was unfair for the city to bulldoze what they call their public plot by the boardwalk. They rallied at the site of the garden Monday morning and vowed to take legal action.

A construction crew bulldozed the plot early Saturday morning. Residents are fighting to see if the developer and Parks Department have followed proper legal procedures for allowing the demolition.

The park was demolished to make way for a new amphitheater to be constructed along the boardwalk. Gardeners say they're not opposed to this construction, but want the city to grant them a proper replacement lot.

A spokesperson for iStar Financial told News 12 Brooklyn in a statement that the developer built a new clean and safe garden five blocks west of the recently destroyed lot. He says that the old lot was never zoned as public park land.