CROWN HEIGHTS - A historic Crown Heights home is undergoing a major renovation that is causing a major headache for the people living next door. 

The Elkins house at 1375 Dean St. is one of the oldest homes in Crown Heights. The home was in such bad condition that it received an emergency landmark designation in 2006. 

The current owner bought the home in 2014 and began construction on the property a few months ago. Next-door neighbors Charles Arthur and his wife Renee say construction on an adjoining wall caused damage to their property this September. 

“I got a call from one of my tenants because I was out of the country, and my tenant said they [knocked] down the retaining wall and they smashed the walkway,” Arthur says. 

The property manager acknowledged the damage and promised to fix it, but the Arthurs say that answer is not good enough. 

The Department of Buildings has put a stop-work order on the property because construction on the adjoining wall was not approved. 

The homeowner said he was too busy to comment on the incident.