BROOKLYN - A construction worker is in critical condition after being struck by a utility pole and falling down a trench at a work site in Brooklyn Friday.

It happened on East 49th Street between Rutland Road and Winthrop Street around 8:30 a.m.

According to the fire chief, a construction truck struck a suspended cable line, causing a pole to crash down below the worker. 

Subsequently, the worker sustained a major head injury and was knocked into a 15-foot construction trench.

The incident happened right in front of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and when staff at the hospital heard what was happening, they rushed outside to help.

"I heard code 99, which is a response for emergency help outside, they called in and then a massive team just came out and responded," says Dimitrius Georges, a hospital employee.

The man was transported to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. 

Officials say the victim had been working to repair a sewer line when the incident happened.