BROOKLYN - Fitbit, the company that sells the hottest fitness tracker on the market, was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging fraud this month.

According to the suit, two of the company's heart rate monitors, the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge don't accurately measure your heart rate.

The suit surprised Consumer Reports, which tested and recommended both devices, so it tested the devices again.

Testers compared Fitbit's products with another device that has proven accuracy, the Polar H7 chest strap.

The Consumer Reports testers again found both Fitbit models were on point. If there was a variance between the Polar device or the Fitbit, it was only no more than three beats per minute.Consumer Reports did notice that the Fitbit Charge HR would give more inaccurate readings at higher intensity workouts depending on where that strap was put on the arm.

If you follow Fitbit's directions and wear the device in the place it recommends, the monitor is accurate.

While Consumer Reports says it will keep an eye on the Fitbit lawsuit, it says it will continue to recommend both devices.