BROOKLYN - Three men and four women were arrested for what investigators are calling a cocaine delivery service in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors say the suspects sold about $1 million worth of drugs over the past years.  They are now facing a variety of charges on 114 counts, including criminal possession, conspiracy and drug trafficking.

The district attorney says Francisco Frias, Mario Frias, Rafael Velazquez and Victoria Rivera were involved with the delivery of powdered and crack cocaine to over 100 repeat customers in Downtown Brooklyn and other neighborhoods, including Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

Investigators say Francisco Frias was the ringleader of the operation. They say his cousin Mario Frias and Velazquez served as deliverymen. Rivera is the wife of Mario Frias.

Some of the transactions were caught on video as part of a yearlong investigation by police.

The suspects were arrested earlier this month, but a defense attorney for one of the men says his client is not a criminal and plans to fight the charges.

Victoria Rivera was formally charged with criminal possession, a felony in the first degree, and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  The three men all face 15 years to life.