KENSINGTON - Residents on Friel Place in Kensington say they looked on in fear as police were forced to electrically shock a knife-wielding man Thursday morning.

Resident Frank Meuschke says he saw the entire incident unfold from his window, located only 20 feet away.

"They had mace," says Meuschke. "They were spraying him and then I heard them say 'put down the knife.' But that guy, I didn't hear him say anything."

Although Meuschke says he was worried about stray bullets from the use of deadly force, police didn't have to fire a shot. Officers say they used a conducted energy device when the man became aggressive and a danger to himself.

The entire incident was also captured on home video.

The individual was taken to Kings County Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Neighbors say they don't know the man, but one person says police chased him from nearby Church Avenue.