BROOKLYN - All murder charges have been dropped against a former FBI agent accused of leaking information to the mafia that led to four murders.

Lindley DeVecchio would have faced life sentences for each of the four homicides had he been convicted. The charges were dropped after defense attorneys presented conflicting information from the prosecution?s star witness, Linda Schiro.

Schiro testified earlier this week that DeVecchio had fed her gangster boyfriend, Gregory Scarpa, secret FBI intelligence that was then used to kill four suspected rats or rivals in the Colombo crime family.

Taped interviews Schiro had given reporters a decade ago directly conflicted with the testimony she gave on the stand. Prosecutors say they had no choice but to drop the charges after listening to her 10-year-old interview.

Prosecutors say future allegations and evidence incriminating DeVecchio will be investigated.

AP wires contributed to this article

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