NEW YORK - (AP) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg can now boast of a bigvictory: The New York City Council has approved his plan toredevelop Coney Island.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Council voted overwhelmingly infavor of transforming the Brooklyn beach front into a year-roundentertainment complex.

Coney Island would get a new amusement park, high-rise hotels,restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters and the city's first newrollercoaster since 1927.

Community activists say redevelopment could rob Coney Island ofits old nostalgia, even though the landmarked Cyclone will stay.

Now, there's one more hitch for the city's Coney Island plan: abattle over land between two billionaires, Bloomberg and developerJoseph Sitt.

City officials are negotiating with Sitt to buy his chunk ofland in the amusement area.