MIDWOOD - Residents driving on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn say a combination of the 25 mph speed limit and the parkway's traffic camera system are costing them a lot of money.

Community leaders and residents are demanding the city either eliminate the traffic cameras or increase the posted speed limit, calling the Parkway a “speed trap.”

They argue that the natural flow of traffic in the busy area is more than 25 mph and when people abide by the law and drive the posted limit, others around them become furious, often speeding up and creating a dangerous situation.

Councilman David Greenfield says although he supports the city's decision to set posted speed limits to 25 mph as part of the Vision Zero plan, he was told by the Department of Transportation that highway and speedway speed limits would not be changed without first consenting with the community.

Greenfield says the city must be making a fortune off of speeding violations from Ocean Parkway and that something needs to be done.

Although they would not comment on the amount of money they have made from speeding violations, DOT officials say they handed out over 1 million violations on Ocean Parkway in 2015 and at $50 per violation, that's an estimated $50 million.