FLATBUSH - Crews lifted a garbage truck out of a sinkhole that formed in the parking lot of a Flatbush strip mall on Tuesday.

Police say the incident happened at around 3:30 a.m. at 1623 Flatbush Ave. when the truck was backing in to collect garbage.

As the truck tried to leave, it got stuck in the sinkhole. The driver was able to escape.

The NYC Department of Buildings, professional engineers, master riggers and a large crane were on scene to help get the truck out of the sinkhole. It was lifted into the air and then placed on the street.

"The structure itself is damaged there's no way to put a vehicle close to it to drive it away," said Dave Dewitt, of New York Crane. "You have to get on solid ground which is in the street itself, set up a crane, rig the load and lift it then set it back on the street."

There is no word on what caused the sinkhole.