CROWN HEIGHTS - The residents of Crown Heights are calling for peace following an incident earlier this week when a group of Jewish men allegedly attacked a black man.

Police say Andrew Charles, 20, was sent to the hospital following the attack. Unfortunately, residents say similar incidents are not uncommon in the neighborhood. Many residents believe that racism is far from extinct in the area.

Charles? assault brought the community together to speak out about denouncing hate between the Jewish and black communities in Crown Heights. Peace gatherers say now is the perfect time to teach the community a lesson of zero tolerance.

It is believed that four or five people may have witnessed the assault, and police, elected officials and the community are asking those people to come forward with information.

Police say that while they are not considering this a hate crime, it will come with a felony charge. Only one person has come forward with information so far, and police say more evidence is needed to make an arrest.