CROWN HEIGHTS - Some tenants are at odds with a landlord who they accuse of forcing them out in order to capitalize on the neighborhood's rising rents.

They rallied outside the Renaissance Realty office in Gravesend Wednesday morning.

"Don't displace us, come out and face us," they chanted.

The two Renaissance-owned buildings are located at 1646 Union St. and 285 Schenectady Ave. 

The realty company took control of the buildings just last year. Tenants say since then, they've seen the landlord attempt to double and even triple rent prices.

Longtime residents accuse the company of seeking to take advantage of their neighborhood's rapid gentrification.

Tenants have been fighting the rent increases in court, and they are also trying to negotiate with the company for an affordability contract that they say would preserve the buildings for working class tenants.